Our downstream client types are organisations such as:

  • Local charity shops – Age UK, Barnados, Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Emmaus, etc
  • Local reuse and repair organisations and centres – Emmaus, Bicester Green, Bring and Fix It, etc
  • Other local projects – Project Shoebox, Refugee solidarity groups, etc
  • Local Recycling Centres – Redbridge recycling centre, bring-banks, etc
  • Local craft stores and groups – Orinoco, Against the Grain, etc
  • Other local (community action) groups – Tandem Collective, Oxford Poetry Library, etc

Our vision is to transfer unwanted, useful items from people to charitable organisations, we unfortunately cannot provide a person to person service. Nevertheless, the ‘market’ for peer-to-peer reuse is quite wealthy, with applications such as freegle, trashnothing (freecycle) or streetbank that make reuse super-easy!

If you wanted to repair and retain your products, we encourage you to visit the Bring and Fix It cafe, your local cobbler, dry cleaner, or to ask with the relevant retailer (such as Curry’s + KnowHow) about their repair services.


last updated: 13/08/2017