We found that a lot of people in Oxford would be very happy to donate their items to charitable causes, yet they either don’t have the time or the energy to take them to charities and reuse organisations. Or they simply don’t know what to do with certain things. Thus our role is to  enable the local population to more easily donate and redistribute reusable, repairable and recyclable items to the right place: charities of choice, social enterprises, other community groups, or even to retail take-back schemes.

We currently have a fleet of three bike trailers and about the same number of collection volunteers! See this page for trailer dimensions.

We collect items from our upstream clients (households), and deliver to our downstream clients (organisations). It free! But we’re happy to receive a small donation ^.^  
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We accept anything that we can fit in our trailer boxes, that is not residual waste (black bags) and that the council doesn’t collect from the kerbside for recycling (blue bin, food bin, brown bin).

We take anything: shiny working things, things needing repair or refurbishment, things that can only be recycled. Item examples include:

Reusable, for sale by our downstream clients:

  • clothing, footwear, bags
  • bric-a-brac, toys
  • working electronics, gadgets, electrical equipment
  • small furnishing, homeware
  • books, DVDs, games
  • odds and ends
  • etc

Repairable, for sorting or fixing by downstream clients:

  • bric-a-brac, toys
  • broken electronics, gadgets, electrical equipment
  • small furnishing, homeware
  • etc


  • worn out clothes, shoes, bags
  • small-medium size electric and electronic equipment
  • energy efficient lightbulbs, empty batteries
  • odd plastics
  • garden material
  • etc


  • corporate clothes
  • trinkets
  • little cute stuff
  • wire
  • etc
last updated: 13/06/2017