Help Oxford’s economy be more similar to nature!

Are you a Secretary, Data Manager, Outreach Officer, or Market Analyst? And would you like to apply these skills towards a more cyclical, healthier, no throw-away, and charitable economy?

We love to have you on board, as they are looking for help in the above roles. Other opportunities are also available (see this gdrive folder), so please do get in touch at our email address or via our facebook page.  To secure resilience, the same role can be held by multiple people, e.g. we could have three secretaries if three people are interested!


A. Administration

  • Chairperson – oversees activities
  • Treasurer – accounts and funding
  • Secretary – correspondence, documents and task delegation
  • Social Secretary – social events
  • Data Manager – input sheets data into an e-database, report it to CAG

B. Operations

  • Collections, Sorting and Deliveries Coordinator – operations manager
  • Lead Mechanic – caring for our trailers

C. Public Relations

  • Outreach Officer – engagement with external people
  • Publicity and Marketing – promotions and social media
  • Market Analyst – engaging with, and characterizing clients


  • collections and deliveries
  • sorting
  • events
  • group development


Why volunteer?

  • do an outdoors activity for a good cause
  • be part of a fun, friendly, innovative group
  • monthly allowances on collected items: 5 items/month for committee members and 2 items for the wider volunteering gruop
  • gain experience in organising events
  • be part of a sustainable community of people
  • play a role in the development of the group, hence a local circular economy
  • networking

Got your interest?

  • Have a look at our group structure and role descriptions folder!
  • email us at oxfordcircularcollective@gmail.com, request to be added to our facebook group, or talk to us in person 🙂


last updated: 13/06/2017