Working hours

As our group is currently a side activity alongside our day-to-day schedules, we generally collect from households during week day evenings (but daytime collections may happen too!), and deliver to our downstream clients during the weekend.

We’re closed for collections for now since mid September 2017, as we need to relocate from our current location – apologies for any inconvenience. Yet we’re still very happy to keep you up to date with our future work on the sorting, deliveries, events and development side. Check our our events calendar, pop us an email to sign up for our newsletter, get in touch via our contact form below, follow our facebook page or join our facebook group… the Collective is always moving forwards, come along!


Our first and previous workspace was a cool shed made from reused wood, in New Hinksey on Wytham Street at the back of our chairperson’s garden.

We’re looking for a bigger place to work from, where we can store our collections until sorting and delivery on a rolling basis; if you know of anything, don’t hesitate to share 🙂


Page last updated: 05/08/2018