Irregular News – September 2017

  1. Close of collections

Out with the old, in with the new! As of September 2017, the Circular Collective is moving out of the shed and thinking of ways to grow, meaning we must temporarily close our collections service. One of the Collective advantage over those charity bags silently delivered through doors that residents may rest assured that your items do go to charity and aren’t nicked! Nevertheless, in the meantime, if you still wanted to pass forwards your items in a convenient way, the charity bags are the alternative. Another option would be to consult on arranging a (non carbon neutral) van collection with Emmaus, British Heart Foundation, Sue Ryader & other local charities.


2. Save the big dates! …working backwards:

  • 26th October 18:30 – 20:30 @ Restore Garden Cafe, Manzil Way. Free eventbrite ticketed entrance : 1st Annual Report & 2nd Logo Launch (over wine and cheese)

  • 12th October 18:30 – 21:00 @ location TBC. Upcycling workshop – making car litter bags from old T-shirts!

Keep an eye on our google Calendar on our website and facebook page, or real-time updates on twitter @circularcollect.

stall collage 2.jpg


3. Refocusing our reuse and repair

Almost two years of Circular Collective enabled us to gain a lot of insight into building a local sustainable circular economy. And it’s time for something new, and something better.

Now we’re narrowing our focus towards collecting items for reuse and repair, considering that there is a large fairly ‘market gap’ for these circular material flows. With organisations such as Emmaus, Bicester Green, Bring and Fix it, Men’s Shed, and with an expected future rise of repair cafes in Oxfordshire, there is an ever-increasing need for a reverse-logistics infrastructure, from consumer-to-organisations. Considering that most of recycling collection and transportation is well covered by the local authority, it’s time to prove to the world of what is the next phase in a local circular economy! Keep an eye on our website as we are developing and evolving the new message.


4. Reduced mobility programme

Our group has been recently awarded with £450 by Oxford City Council small community grants to promote our service to households with reduced mobility, i.e. with no access to vehicle, or physically unable to take small quantities of items that need reuse or repair as donations to charities and repair enterprises. As part of the funding, we shall identify and service a minimum 30 households. The fund enables us to put together promotional material and host 5 workshops to attract volunteers and raise our profile. Kind regards to the council!


5. Jewelry upcycling

On 17 August we held a jewelry upcycling workshop using plastic carrier bags. We had 6 new guests, mainly from Climate Outreach. We will sell them at the East Oxford Farmer’s Market on the 30th September. Since September 2017 we also are very glad to have a new volunteer and artist Jane Yates, who also makes beautiful upcycled items, including jewelry.




6. Thank you for reading! Speak soon ^^

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