Irregular News – October 2017

Towards Oxford’s Library of Things – Get involved!

Really exciting times are ahead for Oxford, and for the Circular Collective. Last week, at our Report Launch Party, we announced our next great ambition: to be the driving force for bringing to our own city London’s Library of Things.

This next stage in our history builds up on the work we’ve done so far and will give a strengthened purpose for our collections – sorting – deliveries system. Why buy when you can borrow? From good quality camping gear to DYI tools, from sports equipment to fondue sets, the library of things will set out to protect natural resources, the environment, people’s financial resources and community cohesion all at once.

Interested in being a co-founder? Join us on 28 November 2017 18:30 – 20:00 upstairs at the East Oxford Community Centre. For RSPV and details, please email Alex at Or if you’d like to see us earlier than that, find our stall at the next exciting CAG Skillshare networking event 11 November 10:00 – 17:00.



We have a new logo!

Heard about our new logo and just can’t wait to see it? Then here it is! One year later and lots of back and forth emails, our beloved graphic design volunteer, supporter and friend Ana Iugulescu from London has taken our look to the next level. We’ve already changed our business cards and flyers, and slowly but surely we’ll be replacing the old logo in all corners of our publications.



…and we have our first annual report too!

At the Report Launch part, not only we publicised our intention to initiate Oxford’s library of things and showed to the world our new logo, but also we gave out ten hard copies of our first Annual Report 2016/2017. From amount of redistributed items per circular stream – reuse, repair, recycle, upcycle, refuse – to tales of events in relation to achieving our objectives, accounts, and finally looking forwards… we wish to make it as easy as possible to existing and prospective stakeholders to understand who we are, what we do, and to hopefully work together.

Page 3 of the annual report 2016-2017.


Expanding our horizons: East Oxford Farmer’s Market

The end of September saw us experimenting with generating a sustainable revenue at the fabulous East Oxford Farmer’s Market. Huge thanks to Elise for having us there, and to Gaby, Daniela and Jane for tending the stall. We really enjoyed being there, as their ethos is to provide people with good quality, locally sourced produce, cultivating an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Watch this space for potential upcoming visits:

IMG_20171029_222058.jpg   IMG_20171029_222037.jpg

And as always, thank you for reading so far!


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