Irregular News – July 2017

We hope you’ve really enjoyed the summer so far! Here are some updates from our group.
Open general meeting  – 25th July 18:30 – 20:30, ISIS Farmhouse pub
Want to hear more about our group, get involved with our plastic upcycling workshop in front of Lush store, get a sneak-peak and comment on our first ever Annual Report? Anyone more than welcome. Committee members, please send your agenda items as a reply, and once Lucie our sec sends you the report, bring your comments along to the meeting.
Searching for Secretary, Data Manager and Market Analyst
Exciting times are ahead for our group! We are very grateful for having secured a professional mentor for our group, and we plan to start a “Reduced Mobility Programme”. This will ‘market’ and offer our service to those who do not have the means or possibility to take their no-longer-needed items as donations to charities, bring banks, the recycling centre, etc. If you’re interested in supporting us for this programme via the roles above, please see our website for more details.
Swap Shops and Tandem Festival
We had another couple of swap shops this March and June, and the jewelry making workshop from upcycled plastic carrier bags at the Tandem Festival – a big thanks to the orgabnisers!
We bring the swap shops to both residents and students of Oxford alike at every beginning and end of term, knowing that a fair amount of students need to empty their accommodation rooms for term breaks, and a lot of their surplus items are perfectly reusable. The swap shops are a lot of fun, below are some pictures! If you’d like to be involved in any way, send us a reply.
Thank you to our new recruits
Last but not least, thank you to our latest Dan H., Alistair P., Toni H., Kim F. for the very valuable contributions for sorting, collections and delivery sessions, and Elena J. And Robbie R. for hosting the Tandem workshop!
Take care & keep in touch!
chair and founder

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