Autum 2016: The Trailer Train, circular shed, the third trailer and etc.

We felt you would like to hear a bit more from us, so we put together an outline of our most recent updates, with further exciting details below!

  • The Trailer Train
  • The Circular shed
  • The Third Trailer
  • Micro-internships
  • Upcycling workshop
  • Student volunteer recruitment fair
  • Welcome to our new social secretary
  • PAT testing training
  • The Coffee Run
  • Get involved!
    • CAG Skillshare
    • Volunteer with us

The Circular Collection is gaining more and more traction. With a doubling of likes on facebook in the past six months, and by carrying around our leaflets for giving away when the group is mentioned in conversations, we are securing collections from beyond our groups of friendships ( friendship is a great way to start something). The JCR at Wadham College warmly donated us two loudspeakers and a mixing board, about 60cm x 50cm x 30cm each. Being short on collection volunteers, we had to be inventive – so we created the Trailer Train! Thank you Steph McGuire et al.


The situation in terms of space is also improving. Over the summer, our chairperson Alexandra Mates and Alistair Phillips of the Oxford Wood Recycling Centre have been building a shed made of reclaimed wood found around the skips of Oxfordshire. The shed was placed at our current base (Alex’s house), and finalised with a little patching-up in October. We couldn’t have made it without the magical skills of Alistair, and the help of various friends and enthusiasts – Gabriella W., Tulum C., Maria F., Paul R., Zoe P., Elena J. and Robbie R., Andri, Kevin W. – huge thanks guys! We also thank all those who have supported us in spirit. We still have to build the shelves, so do get in touch by email or facebook if you’d like to be involved.

Early in October, with the help of Craig Simmons and Sam Hollick of the Green Party and their Ward Members Budget fund, we purchased our third, reused, trailer from ebay. We brought it home from Milton Keynes, named it Leaf, and it is now available for keen collection volunteers, solo or as part of the Trailer Train. Special regards to Craig and Sam, we couldn’t have done it without you!



Also in October and November, we have successfully partnered with Oxford University Students of various backgrounds, as part of the university’s 5 days micro-internship programme. The three interns will look at the collective with us, and work together to explore ways in which our group could develop as a social enterprise, and how it can engage with more partners and stakeholders. We are looking forwards to collaborating with them in December!


Ronja, the president of the Oxford Hub suggested to the Collective to participate and host an activity at their Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night at Hogacre Pavilion. We couldn’t say no, so we went! We hosted a most absorbing and enjoyable lamp and lantern upcycling workshop for the students and attendants, to keep the spirits bright and nights magical.

Also working with the Oxford Hub, we were one of the volunteering groups showcasing at the Student Volunteers Recruitment Fair. It was great spending time with our lovely committee and helpers, engaging with students, collecting emails in our emailing list, handing out leaflets, chatting to other groups such as OxGrow, Nightline and OUSU On Your Doorstep homeless action groups, but also to help the Broken Spoke Bike co-op by advertising their services and free-for-uni-people cycle safety training courses.

To save ourselves and you writing and reading time, here are some other news in brief. We welcome Lucinda Kenrick as our new *social secretary*!! She is also our lovely treasurer, and since our last meeting on the 23rd of October. We are also very looking forwards to our upcoming PAT testing training for those who have already expressed interest and signed up with Simon Kenton from the CAG Network. If you are also interested, please drop us an email and we can discuss! Last but not least of updates, we are very proud to announce that the Oxford Hub, Turl Street Kitchen and the Circular Collective are working in partnership to generate and support a student-led project, that will supply cultivation projects around Oxford such as Hogacre and Incredible Edible with freshly used coffee grounds. We called it The Coffee Run, and we are currently advertising to students this opportunity, again do get in touch.

On a future note, come with us to the CAG Skillshare on the 12th of November 10:00 – 16:00 at the Environmental Change Institute, Geography Department of Oxford University! Sign up is free for all, suggested donation of £5 on the door, but what a fantastic programme of workshop and talks they have. And as always, we are more than happy to welcome more members to the group – there is something for everyone, from running collections and deliveries, to organising events, to general help with anything. As a reminder, helpers have the right to claim two collected items a month if they see something they like from our collections.


Until next time, keep warm, bright, and resource efficient,

the CirColl crew

(links the various mentions to follow)

One thought on “Autum 2016: The Trailer Train, circular shed, the third trailer and etc.

  1. oxfordcircularcollective says:

    Apologies for getting the location of the CAG Skillshare wrong. It took place at the Oxford County Hall, not the Environmental Change Institute. In case we inspired you to join, we hope you figured out the right location from the Eventbright ticket purchasing page. Bests, CirColl


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