Second, first, first, …

This post is a recap of what’s been done and what’s to follow 🙂

The month of February has brought to the Circular Collective a nice series of first time and second time events. Our 1st bank account, 2nd time at a swap shop, 1st time at an Agile-ox event, 1st management meeting, 2nd attendance at an external meeting and a 2nd attendance at an OxfordHub event, 2nd donation to Emmaus social enterprise for the homeless. Coming up are a 2nd attendance at an Agile-ox (+Tandem Festival) event, 1st at an event organised by Bicester Green, 1st at Project Soup! Before we get into more details on all these, it’s worth breaking the binary circle of ones and twos and say that this month we’ve celebrated our 11th collection!

Why focus on the past when the future ahead is so bright. So let’s start in more detail on the events to come.

Agile-Ox is a fairly “new project based at the Environmental Change Institute, working to connect environmental research(ers) from the University of Oxford with others across Oxfordshire, to increase opportunities for collaboration and maximise our contribution to the county’s environmental futures.”. Their Climate Culture: Making the Anthropocene offers “an introduction to the Anthropocene and to explore the interaction between artistic expression and some of the current scientific thinking on the environmental impact of humankind.” They’re doing this in collaboration with the Tandem Festival crew, so it should be very interesting! 19:00 – 22:00 | 26 February | Turl Street Kitchen OX1 3DH

Bicester Green‘s Restart Party!  “Bring your small electrical items to be repaired by Bicester Green experts! There will also be refurbished electrical items available for sale.” Come, come, this should be great! The Circular Collective will bring some of the items we collected, but feel free to bring your own. 10:00 – 13:00 | 27 February | East Oxford Primary School

At Project SOUP, people eat soup, meet new like minded people, and listen to the presentations of other four groups that have just started in Oxford. Circular Collective is one of them! Come join us to hear more about what we’re / we’ve been doing, and to support the other groups too. To my knowledge, one of the other successful groups so far has been Think Tiny. 19:30 – 22:00 | 28th February | East Oxford Community Centre

*** … thanks for reading! Stories of past events coming soon… stay posted on our blog! ***



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