Swap shop

On Saturday 16th January, Alex took quite a lot of the week’s collected items to the South Oxford Community Centre swap shop, following the invitation of Sue Colclough from the Green Party. The event was hosted by Low Carbon South Oxford, who managed to redirect 529kg out of the 530kg of the collected material away from landfill. The items were either picked up by swap-shoppers on the day, or sorted into items that can go to Age UK charity or to recycling at Redbridge.

The Oxford Circular Collective’s contribution to this amount was 18.8kg of reusable or recyclable clothing, shoes, cables, homeware, bric-a-brac, computer electronics and VHS video tapes. Most of the remaining items collected this week were delivered the following day to Barnados charity shop, 5.8kg, leaving us with a current grand total 15.3kg of wood, used cosmetics, broken electricals, VHS tapes that will eventually find their way into repair or recycling, and just one kilogram to landfill.

If you were wondering what can one expect from a swap shop, here are a few pictures and captions from the day:

Skiiddii with the sorted stuff in it
Two of the donated items categories – homeware and VHS tapes
A feel for the swap shoppers’ community
Left: first bit of publicity; right: Tony doing the PAT testing of electrical equipment
Left: with Sue Colclough, founder of South Oxford Swap Shop; right: co-organisers holding the only one landfill item


See you at the next swap shop! To meet us there, keep an eye on our Events calendar 😉

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