Meanwhile, in Lagos…

Yesterday Henry Owen from CAG Oxfordshire kindly agreed to meet for one hour to brainstorm how to get the collective started. The hour flew by, and at the end The CirColl was left with a few great recommendations.

The best way to keep members and volunteer involved is to inspire and empower. To apply this principle at this point, we shall make website comments available for each page and we shall start informative and fun gatherings for potential volunteers and members on the topics of the circular economy, recycling, sustainability.

Other important points that need addressing at this moment is finding a Space to work from; setting a clear aim; make best use of CAG Oxfordshire’s support – advice, networking, training, advertising, impact modelling tool, etc; refining our collection categories in lines with current economic trends and difficulties; continuing contacting key partners and collaborators.

But Henry also let me know that, meanwhile in Lagos, Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, the founder of Wecyclers (who holds an MBA from MIT USA) has been working on a very similar project of her own! Great stuff, Henry ^^

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