Aim. The Oxford Circular Collective is a Community Action Group of keen volunteers who act to implement a viable example of a local sustainable circular economy in a carbon-neutral, healthy and fun way.

Our goal is to offer to residents of Oxford City a convenient and low-carbon ‘consumer-2-organisation’ collection service, for post-consumption products and materials, that retains their highest value.

Householders can book our bike-trailer collection service for small items that are no longer needed – focusing on reusable or repairable. Donations welcome!

We sort the items into the main circular streams: reuse > repair > recycle > upcycle > refuse (energy recovery via incineration).

We deliver them back into the “system”focusing on local sustainable and socio-environmental reuse, repair and recycling organisations or community action groups.

Occasionally we organise events and workshops, such as upcycling sessions, swap-shops, guest speakers, litter picking, etc.

And of course, in the meantime we get a pretty good exercise and fun social time!

We strive to build a compassionate civilisation in which the word “waste” belongs to the past, and where the items and materials we produce and use are forever resources.

We are currently based in Oxford, but we are looking to inspire grassroot groups all over the world.

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last updated: 01/10/2017